Lennart Ziburski — User Experience Designer

I help small teams build new features and products through design and clear thinking.

I work with you to empower your users. Together, we will understand their values and how your product aligns with them. We will enable your users to create and work in ways that mirror how they think.

This takes a big picture view of where your product is headed. That’s why I work with you across all stages of the design process. We will solve problems as part of your overall product vision, marketing story and business goals. We will build prototypes early on to ensure that the user flow and visuals succeed in real world use. And then we will ship a user experience that’s a win for your users and for your company.

If you have a project in mind that calls for a fresh perspective, let’s talk.

I have a bachelor’s degree in interface design from the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, Germany. In 2016, I interned at Basecamp and Google. As a freelance designer, I have worked for companies like Netlify, Workflow and Readdle. On the side, I published the visual essays Desktop Neo (2016) and Cloudfall (2019).